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  • Private film screenings require additional licensing costs
  • Each additional hour is $125

Cost: $500

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  • Space accessible from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Your special message on our marquee
  • One staff member included
  • Use of the projector

Cost: $1000

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Reach out to us at info@theworldtheatre.org and we’ll be happy to work with you to plan your custom event!

  • Family Reunions
  • Graduation/Retirement/Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Retreats/Presentations
  • Private Date Nights

Cost: Variable

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Photography Session

Take advantage of our picturesque new Sweet Shop and swanky lounge, the bright lights on our beautiful red stage curtains, and all the old world charm our 100 year-old theatre has to offer.  Great for:

  • Engagement Photos
  • Senior Pictures
  • Social Media

Cost: $100

Marquee message available for an additional $100

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For additional information, call (308) 234-8046 or email info@theworldtheatre.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the $500 rental fee include a movie?

No, the $500 only covers the rent of the space itself. It does not include the movie licensing fee, marquee fee, etc.

What is a movie licensing fee?

A movie licensing fee is the amount due to the studio itself so that we have the rights to show that particular movie. The fee can run from $150-$350, depending on the studio and the movie chosen (if the movie is available to be licensed).

Can we rent just The World’s marquee?

Renting only the marquee is at the discretion of the executive director and will depend on the current movie/event lineup. Please contact us regarding this request. If available, the marquee rental fee is $100.

Can we have food catered in?

Yes, most major restaurants in Kearney have catered at The World Theatre and are familiar with our facility. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for any damages or messes made by the caterer for your event.

During rentals, do you allow modifications to the theatre space?

No permanent or damaging modifications may be made to the theatre. This includes attaching tape to or hanging things from walls. Please note that no glitter is allowed in the theatre. Any damages to The World Theatre that require repair or extra cleanup will be charged to you after your event. We ask that the theatre space be left in the condition it was found at the beginning of the rental.

How many people will The World seat?

Our theatre will comfortably seat about 300 people.

Can we have alcohol served at our event?

Yes, alcohol is available at our regular prices and can be paid for by cash or tab (billed to the organization after the event). For other alcohol questions, please contact us.

Can we have the concession stand open at our event?

Yes, concessions are available at our regular prices and can be paid for by cash or tab (billed to the organization after the event). Please notify us at least two weeks prior to your event (or indicate on your contract) that you will need the concession stand open so we can arrange for volunteers. If you would like to coordinate your own volunteers, please notify us before the event so that we can make arrangements for their training.

Am I responsible for cleaning up after my event rental?

You are required to leave the rental space in the condition that it was found. This should be accomplished within the time frame window of your rental time. If you need help finding volunteers to assist with timely cleaning of the theatre, please notify us at least two weeks in advance so that we can make volunteer arrangements to assist with your cleaning.

I want to throw a fundraiser at your theatre. Are there any special discounted rental rates?

There are currently no special discounted rental rates for fundraising events.

Do you have additional seating available?

We have 45 extra gold, padded dining chairs available for theatre event rental use.

Do you have spare tables available?

We have four 6-foot and one 4-foot banquet folding tables, as well as six 60” round tables

Do you have a microphone available for our rental?

We have a wireless hand mic, a wireless lavaliere (clip-on) mic and a wired podium mic. Please notify us prior to the event to let us know how many microphones and in which setup you will need.

Can we play music over your sound system?

Yes, you can. Please notify us a week prior to the event with the type of music format you need so that we can ensure this is possible.

Can we have live music at The World Theatre?

Yes, but the sound system and lighting must be provided by you or your live music vendor.